Cristina Real was born in Lisbon in 1989. In 2009, she started her degree in Fashion Design in MODATEX, in Oporto. In 2012, she participated with a small collection in the THE project, which resulted from the partnership with Modatex | THE Store. In the same year she presented her end of degree collection in the Young Creators competition in Cascais. After she finished her degree, she started an internship with the portuguese designer Alexandra Moura, in Lisbon, and became her assistant in the Spring / Summer 2013 and Fall / Winter 2013 / 14 collections.

In March 2014, she presented the "Interruption" collection at ModaLisboa’s Young Blood (platform of young designers). On july of the same year, she won the second place on the Sportswear category of the IDA (Internacional Design Awards) contest, in the United States of America.





The present collection is Mineralis. This concept arises from the rocks and minerals - Tourmaline and Pyrite – to the environment that surrounds it. The inspiration comes of the rock impact in their natural habitat and in its purest state, transporting us to others times as if we had stuck in time. Is all about the origin, than has ever changed (if not by nature itself and its stage of processing) as if there was nothing beyond that place, nothing beyond the beauty and the purity transmitting us energy, shapes, volume and movement, where three of the four elements are present (Air, Water, Earth). The Nature and the details that surround it are based for the colors, shapes, materials and collection details.

We play with the colors from the rocks, the multitude of colors, the degrade, the reflections and transparencies Tourmaline does our imagination grow and dive in tones of nature, as the green tourmaline we associate with earth tones - the trees, the grass, the trunks, the forest – the blue tourmaline, the water and its particle and the similarity of black tourmaline with burning wood; glare and metallic tones of Pyrite takes us back to the golden and bronze. The contrast between the brightness - the bright color and light that the rock emits - and mate - represents the opaque of stones.