Rúben Damasio was born in Leiria, in 1992. Graduated from the Technical Course of Trade, however his strong taste and desire for drawing clothing motivated him to move to another area and then to enroll in Fashion Design in MODATEX - Lisbon. Participated from the beginning in numerous national and international competitions, and supplemented his formation with extra training and workshops, among which are, the tailoring, modeling and preparation, reconstruction and transformation of molds by Shingo Sato. In 2014, showcased his fall/winter 14/15 collection at Sangue Novo, Lisboa Fashion Week’s young designers platform, in partnership with another designer. Currently, he is making an internship at DIELMAR enterprises. In the future, he wants to continue is training and wants to create his own label.





Inspired by the natural phenomenon "Mist", this collection depicts the common atmosphere in the big cities. The greyish appearance of the air, formed due to temperature change, caused by condensation of water vapor, served as the starting point for selecting the color palette.

This is a collection with a wide range of textile choice, where the Wool and Cotton fabrics come to life in classic and sober pieces combined with streetwear details of jersey, polyester and other fibers for both man and woman.

Therefore, Mist is the inspiration for this new collection wishing to convey a trendy, mature look, with a careful design that stands out for its innovative details.