Tânia Fonseca was born in 1991. She started her academic studies in fashion in the 10th form at Profissional Magestil School in Lisbon, having done a specialisation in Fashion Production at ETIC, after finishing Secondary Education. Having in mind taking a university degree, she moved to Oporto to get a degree in Fashion Design at ESAD School, in Matosinhos, where she is still studying to get her Master’s Degree in Fashion-Product. Tânia has won the prize for Best Female Look at the 10th Edition of AcrobActic, and she has also got the 3rd place at the 2nd Edition of Nespresso Designers Contest.

CONTACT: tanianicole_00@hotmail.com



The starting point of this collection was the invention of the skateboard in the USA. In the 1960s men wearing classic suits down the streets of New York on wood skates have influenced the contours and the details of the entire collection. Side by side with this influence, coats without collars, which became popular thanks to The Beatles, are the basis to the development of this collection of coats.

The most contemporaneous and sports-like side of the skate’s universe practiced nowadays at skate parks in cities made us think of more geometrical shapes and pieces with sports-like details. The sanitation covers of cities are the inspiration for the creation of multicolour geometric patterns and knit stitches which remind the 60s look as well as ribbons in contrasting colours. Thus, the collection is given a more casual style.

The greyish shades of modern cities have influenced the colour choice as well as the typical yellow of American cabs.

Maria Gambina, Alice Gonçalves, Paulo Cravo, Pedro Mourão, ESAD, Helena Sofia, Dolores Gouveia, Avenida 7, Fernando Valente, Margarida Carronda, Fiducia, Deolinda Guerrido.