Sofia Macedo starts the Fashion Design Degree at Modatex, Oporto, in 2011. In the same year she is selected to the "Young Fashion Creators" competition at Modtissimo, ending up as one of the 10 awarded competitors. In May of 2012, at the contest "l´Aigulle d’Or", in pair with Mafalda Fonseca, achieved the 2nd prize with the Project "Le Grand Prince". Sofia Macedo finished her "Fashion Degree" in October 2012 and is currently working at Caifai, a textile manufacturer.






Everything has a beginning. This beginning will be extremely important in our being and without him nothing is possible. In the first time of our life bounds are created which ultimately for a lifetime and define who we are. The world outside has an important role in the construction of what we are, everything around us since childhood builds each phase of our life and makes us a unique being.

Our memories are the way to return to our origins. Remember our childhood through the images that we keep from places, spaces, friends, family… My life was spent away from my origins, until one day I had the possibility to choose a path, give a new meaning to my life and my choice brought me back to the my origins, to my country.

We will always be connected, we will always be influenced for our beginning, by our origin, because is from her that we conditioned our steps.

That waiting time to return, that anxiety feeling, of missing and long waiting, remains until today, however, today it’s me how expects that my family returns to their etymons.

To my family and César Loureiro; Cila Sousa; Laurinda Loureiro; Figueiredo e Filhos; Matias & Araújo; Estamparia Esteves; Neusa Pereira; Catarina Fernandes; Beatriz Sousa; Riopele.